In the initial phase, many comments and demands will rise as users/participants increase. However, decentralization requires some degree of consensus between stakeholders and other participants. It is expected to reach a form of decentralization as the number of games and users increases and the distribution of ecosystem tokens is made gradually in the ecosystem. And as revenue sources are diversified with sufficient games and transaction volume within the ecosystem, the decentralization process must be elaborated so that the balance of the ecosystem is not disturbed.

Our goal is to share and spread the philosophy of EPIC LEAGUE ecosystem with all potential participants until decentralized contribution and flux of token economy are stabilized. EPIC LEAGUE team will set the ecosystem actively from the beginning. Because the ecosystem requires sufficient game players’ contribution for decentralization, we will consistently guide participants about their rights and responsibilities.

Ultimately the ecosystem as a DAO will have many games and their providers as shown in the diagram. Game service providers will decide how to improve the entire ecosystem with our participants in governance.

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