We are a group of avid game lovers who have been in the game industry for the last 20+ years and believers in the token economy who believe that games are an integral part of human life. We believe that blockchain games will be the best tool to help the perfect adaptation of the new era to come, and a perfect virtual space where people can imagine and create a new world.

We are in the midst of a great change. We want to introduce our new game to millions of gamers, so they can build a new world with us. Our years of experience enable us to make games game-like. However, what is important in combining the existing game with the new blockchain economy is to find the optimal balance point between the two. With that in mind, we will create a platform for them through constant communication with the game communities to share better experiences in blockchain games and blockchain economy.

With the reasons blockchain exists, such as decentralization, security, transparency, and freedom, blockchain enables things that were not possible in traditional games. To support this, it is significant to continuously imbue value and appropriate rights to all tokens in the ecosystem. And not limited to a specific game, all games in the ecosystem will be designed to respect and maintain the value of the token. We believe that the potential of blockchain game is limitless. We will continue to develop and grow together with the game communities.

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