Market Strategy

Most games follow roughly these steps:

  • Development and Promotion

    Keeping users to pay attention and to wait for service.

  • Launch and Growth

    Early stage of game services that users increase.

  • Post-production and maturity

    Providing new enjoyable materials to users.

  • Decline

    Freshness of games ends and users decrease.

Due to the uncertainty of success, multiple games should be prepared to satisfy various players. EPIC LEAGUE team basically consists of experts who can develop games efficiently and fast. By utilizing our strong point that time to market is relatively short, more strategic approaches are possible. (We expect our development period until launching one single game is less than 6 months.) At each step mentioned above, we can choose a trade-off between old games and new games.

During the early decline step, promoting a new game will be appropriate if games come out serially. We can diversify game types to be provided by outsourcing new game development to professional and trustworthy second-party game studios which can keep our philosophy. The ecosystem growth will allow us more options to satisfy our participants both users and stakeholders.

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