GameFi Activity

The concept that games involve finance is controversial in reality, but what we are trying to create is a sophisticated reward system backed by a revenue stream that provides greater benefits and a better experience for participants. We also believe that exclusive gaming experiences are at the heart of all issues surrounding the GameFi theme. Our direction for GameFi is to implement some basic features.

In general, assets in our ecosystem are one of six types:

  • In-game characters

  • In-game items

  • In-game only currencies

  • In-game EPL Jewels

  • $EPL tokens

  • NFTs

As with gameplay that utilizes in-game assets, leveraging these ecosystem assets can be viewed as an extension of gameplay. Participants can act strategically to increase their benefits by activities on the Hub as well as in-game, such as lending NFTs to other game players. Moreover, participating in governance activities or token staking on the Hub would derive beneficial results.

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