The primary utility token for the platform is $EPL, and it has already been pre-minted as ERC-20 tokens of the Ethereum blockchain. Through the use of Orbit Bridge, a portion of the pre-minted EPL tokens have been transferred to the BNB Smart Chain and Polygon network, which support multi-chain distribution of the tokens. Additionally, using Celer cBridge and Oasys Bridge, a portion of the EPL tokens have been transferred to the HOME verse chain. Moving forward, $EPL will be predominantly utilized on the BNB Smart Chain, Polygon network, and HOME verse, although it may be available for the adoption of additional chains including Ethereum where it has already been pre-minted.
* EPL tokens distributed into multiple blockchain networks with connecting by Bridges
oEPL is converted $EPL on Orbit Bridge. Following the conversion, EPL tokens are denoted as oEPL tokens on BNB Smart Chain and Polygon Network. oEPL is ERC-20 or equivalent token that can be treated as the original $EPL. Consequently, both Ethereum-based EPL tokens and non-Ethereum-based oEPL tokens can be considered identical and treated as such.
Also, a further variation of the EPL token has been developed, which operates on the HOME verse chain - a layer-2 platform of the Oasys blockchain. Despite the conversion, the converted token is still denoted as $EPL on the HOME verse chain.
It is important to acknowledge that the token economy may expand beyond the aforementioned blockchain networks, as additional chains may offer improvements to the Epic League ecosystem.

Token Allocation and Schedule

Seed/Strategic/Private Investors (10%)

Since the beginning of the project, many partners and investors have contributed to support EPIC LEAGUE in various ways. We have set token shares for them in advance.

Listing (0.2%)

In order to make $EPL exchangeable, this allocation will be used for listing on DEXs and CEXs.

Marketing (9.8%)

During the initial stage of the token generation event, it is essential to provide incentives for liquidity provision, user inflow, and promotional activities. Appropriate and limited quantities of EPL tokens will be added to various channels to facilitate market liquidity and incentivize events. In the case that the amount of tokens available for listing is insufficient due to market circumstances or listing price, marketing allocation may be added. A little amount may also be used for development testing.


The treasury serves two primary functions: to provide reserves for game players to exchange their EPL Jewels and to invest in new content service providers to expand our ecosystem. A treasury is allotted for each adopted blockchain, with an initial availability of 2.5% of the allocated amount and a 720-week vesting period.
– Ethereum (6%): Although Ethereum is not currently in service of Hub, it is a genuine chain on which EPL tokens are minted. It is available to open features on Ethereum chain at any time, However, in order to support non-Ethereum chains that have the advantage of low network fees, the Ethereum chain keeps vesting 60,000,000 EPL tokens on standby.
– BNB Smart Chain (12%) & Polygon (12%): 120,000,000 EPL tokens are allocated to the BNB Smart Chain and another 120,000,000 EPL tokens are allocated to Polygon. These tokens are converted to oEPL tokens by Orbit Bridge and exist in each respective treasury.
– HOME verse (2%): 20,000,000 EPL tokens are allocated to HOME verse, which is a sublayer of the Oasys blockchain. The EPL tokens are converted using Celer cBridge and Oasys Bridge.
Each treasury covers its own chain exclusively. If a large number of EPL tokens are withdrawn from a network's treasury and there are insufficient reserves, the EPIC LEAGUE team may manage the treasury quantities of each chain by bridging EPL tokens from the redundant chain to the deficient chain.

Extra Treasuries & Reserve (28%)

In the event that a new blockchain is added, treasury for the new chain will be assigned to perform the same functions as the pre-set treasuries. When an additional treasury is deployed on a new blockchain, it begins with the 2.5% of an allocated amount, which is available right away, and continues with 720-week linear vesting for the remaining 97.5%. Over all, 280,000,000 EPL tokens are reserved for the extra treasuries and unpredictable circumstances not covered in this section.

Team & Advisors (20%)

$EPL will be dispensed to the EPIC LEAGUE team and advisors as incentives of the project outcome. In order to minimize any market impact, distribution to the team will be thoroughly conducted.
All $EPL vesting is unlocked every second linearly in the range of the decided schedule. In practical applications, the unlock is performed as block time is accumulated.
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