$EPL is the main utility token and has been pre-minted as ERC-20 tokens of Ethereum blockchain. A part of the pre-minted EPL tokens are transferred to BNB Chain and Polygon network by using cross-chain bridge, which supports multi-chain distribution of the tokens. $EPL will be used mainly in BNB Chain and Polygon networks, and can utilize additional chains including Ethereum where already pre-minted.
* EPL tokens distributed into multiple blockchain networks with connecting by Orbit Bridge
oEPL is converted $EPL on Orbit Bridge. oEPL is ERC-20 or equivalent token that can be treated as the original $EPL. Thus, we treat both $EPL on both Ethereum and oEPL tokens on non-Ethereum nominally identical. $EPL tokens on a specific non-Ethereum chain are oEPL tokens of the chain. Not limited to the three blockchains, token economy may expand to other chains for enhancement of business.

Token Allocation and Schedule

<Summary of $EPL allocation and vesting schedule>

Seed/Strategic/Private Investors (10%)

Since the beginning of the project, many partners and investors have contributed to support EPIC LEAGUE in various ways. We have set token shares for them in advance.

Listing (0.2%)

In order to make $EPL exchangeable, this allocation will be used for listing on DEXs and CEXs.

Marketing (9.8%)

At the initial stage from a token generation event, some incentives are inevitable for liquidity providing, user inflow, and promotion activities. Limited and appropriate quantities will be added to various channels to provide market liquidity and perform events.

Primary Treasury (30%)

Treasury has two purposes. One is reserves for game players to exchange their EPL Jewels. The other one is investing in new content service providers for expanding our ecosystem more. At the beginning phase, Primary Treasury is set in Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon. 60,000,000 $EPL is allocated to Ethereum, 120,000,000 $EPL(oEPL) is allocated to BNB Chain, and the rest 120,000,000 $EPL(oEPL) is allocated to Polygon. The beginning amounts are distributed by the ratio of the chains.
Each treasury covers its own chain exclusively. If a large number of $EPL is withdrawn from a network's treasury and there are insufficient reserves, the EPIC LEAGUE team may manage the Treasury quantities of each chain by bridging $EPL from the redundant chain to the deficient chain.

Extra Treasury 1/2/3 (30%)

In case of adding new blockchains, treasuries for the new chain should be assigned to perform the same functions of Primary Treasury. Primary Treasury in the three chains have their own vesting schedule with unmodifiable smart contracts. It means the existing treasury is neither suitable nor variable for new chains. Each of three Extra Treasury reserves for the future up to three chains are additionally adopted. Thus, up to six chains are available to be adopted. Whenever a new blockchain network is added, an Extra Treasury is deployed on the chain and begins vesting schedule since then.
If a seventh extra chain needs to be adopted, which means there is no more remaining Extra Treasury, then all of the existing treasuries must be mobilized partially with bridging to the new chain.

Team & Advisors (20%)

$EPL will be dispensed to the EPIC LEAGUE team and advisors as incentives of the project outcome. In order to minimize any market impact, distribution to the team will be thoroughly conducted.
All $EPL vesting is unlocked every second linearly in the range of the decided schedule. In practical applications, the unlock is performed as block time is accumulated.
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Token Allocation and Schedule