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Economic Flows

The token economy of blockchain games enhances player activity, providing opportunities for players to acquire valuable assets that can be traded or used in the ecosystem. Well-structured reward system in the token economy attracts players and brings more vitality to the ecosystem with more user contribution. And the game service providers have more opportunities to generate revenue streams.
Economic activities in the EPIC LEAGUE ecosystem are:
  • NFT-related
    NFTs are sold in limited quantities on a planned schedule. Or users can access to NFTs by blockchain activities. NFT minting service is also provided to make dedicated in-game characters or items tradable. Two or more NFTs can be synthesized to upgrade NFT. Appropriate fees will be charged for smart contracts and transactions.
  • Exchange-related
    Users pay a fee when exchanging between EPL Jewels and $EPL.
  • In-game purchase
    Like conventional games, in-game purchase services are provided. Payment method would be either tokens or cash. Cash payment is for those who are not familiar with tokens and wallets.
  • For more economic flows, various services can be created.